A subject that never gets boring, right?

In a perfect baking world, everybody uses the same measurements. Or at least everybody has all tools at hand for both metric and US measurements. But not even the baking world is perfect...

In the recipes featured on my blog, I will always give you both, the metric and the US measurements:
  • If the original recipe uses US measurements, I will weigh/convert everything to metric measurements in my kitchen (as I have the tools for both at hand). So in this case, I can guarantee you that the measurements are exact (or at least have worked for me).
  • If the original recipe uses metric measurements, I will convert them to US measurements using the conversion tools on AllRecipes and TraditionalOven for all butter-related conversions. I am doing my best to give you the correct measurements but cannot guarantee a 100% accuracy. Due to this, I might give my dear American readers some cup or ounce data that looks strange to them. My apologies for that. I hope I am not making your life harder when actually trying to help.
  • I do not, however, differentiate between spoon sizes. A tablespoon is a tablespoon to me. The differences are so minor that it has never been a problem.
    In general, let me just say that I am a big fan of using weight (compared to volume).
    Just a short example that should illustrate why:
    Have you ever measured ingredients like Nutella or honey in cups? Need I say more?
    Well: put a bowl on a kitchen scale, put all ingredients in directly, just putting the scale back to "0" in-between. This is especially handy when dealing with aforementioned ingredients like Nutella, honey, and all other (half) liquid and sticky ingredients.

    I hope you will not experience any problems with the converted measurements.
    My deepest apologies if you do see mistakes. In this case, please comment directly below the recipe or email me at sarahlabu(@) Thank you!