January 8, 2012

T & T: Egg Test

Welcome to the first post of T & T = Tips & Tricks!

I did buy new eggs for the Nut Cake. But I also had eggs left from my Christmas baking which expired 3 days ago. In such cases, I always do the 'egg test' which is quick and reliable. All 3 eggs that I tested were still okay, so I did use those for the Nut Cake. The freshly bought ones will find their way into something else at a later point.

I am sure that most of you already know the 'egg test' but if you don't:
  • fill a glass with water
  • put the egg you want to test into the water
  • if it goes down to the bottom of the glass, it is still good and okay to eat.
  • if it floats on the water's surface, it is not good anymore and should be thrown away.
Easy, right?

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